AAG CFP 2020

Critical Geographies of Transportation and Mobility

Over the last decade, there has been increasing interest in geography and related fields in a critical perspective on studies of transportation and mobility. Supplementing long-standing research on the social and political aspects of the movement of people and goods, this recent work has incorporated the power relations involved in mobility/immobility; explored the ways that racial, ethnic, and gender identities are co-constructed with the modes we take; discussed how regional imaginaries are intertwined with the production of transportation infrastructure; and analyzed how places and spaces are constructed by flows as much as by stable features of the built environment. Critical logistics and mobility justice are some of the bodies of work that have developed in this vein, with a “mobility turn” apparent in related fields such as design, tourism studies, and ethnic studies.

This session is for papers that explore issues of transportation and mobility from a critical perspective. By “critical,” we mean studies that take into account the power relations that produce space, place, mobility, and/or identity. Any mode is of interest, including aviation, logistics, cycling, automobiles, rail, pedestrians, and micromobilities, and any world region is of interest as well. If there are multiple sessions, they will be organized to put diverse modes and subjects together so as to enhance the potential for fruitful interactions. Please contact Julie Cidell at jcidell@illinois.edu before November 15 if you are interested in participating.